Top 5 Nightlife Activities In Cambodia

Top 5 Nightlife Activities In Cambodia

1. Night market

After visiting some famous places such as National Museum, Royal Place, Fields of death, etc. in the day, night is a suitable time for eating and shopping. At this time Cambodia's night market began busier, becoming a shopping center for many local small businesses and attracting many tourists to go there. Night market in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are the two biggest markets in Cambodia.

Night market in Phnom Penh is called as Phsa Reatrey market. It has a large area and there is a stage in the central of the market to organize folk music programs for tourists, so that you can enjoy the local culture as well as shopping and eating. The booths are placed close together surrounding the stage, selling all kinds of items from clothes, shoes to souvenirs for tourists. You can bargain a little if you feel the price is more expensive than expected. When you appear at the entrance of the market, you will be attracted by the smell of food. Trying some special insect food dishes such as spiders, crickets, frogs, and stalks, etc. is an unforgettable memory. In fact, these dishes have a unique and delicious flavor, so you do not need to worry! Besides that, it also has: rice, vermicelli, noodles, curry, etc. with typical flavor.

Siem Reap Night Market is divided into two areas: Noon Night market and Angkor Night market. The food, drink and souvenirs are sold on both sides of the road.  Besides that, entertainment areas with spa, small bar, sand painting, books, etc. attracting a lot of Siem Reap tourists. Every item is very eye-catching, especially souvenirs like Buddha statues, Bayon statues, Apsara and silverware. Clothes and scarfs are bestseller souvenirs items here. Tourists can touch the item and ask for information about the item as well as bargain without buying, the seller does not seem to be unsatisfied. According to our experience, you should use your bargain power, we often pay down about 50% of the price that the seller offers in Siem Reap market. It is also the place where you can pay not only in Riel, but also in US dollars and VND.

2. Pub Street

Pub Street is a famous foreign street located in the center of Siem Reap. There are many pubs and bars, Western style and traditional Khmer restaurants that are very luxurious along the street. The traffic is banned from 7pm, after that it become a walking street. Most restaurants and bars are open all day but only really busy from 5pm to 12pm, even overnight.

Visiting Pub Street, tourist cannot ignore bustling bars and pubs here. Especially, Red Piano is the famous bar that Hollywood star Angelina Jolie drank with “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” produce team. Foot massage service with small fish which is called Dr. Fish Massage is a very popular activity here. With this service, each group of about 2 to 3 people sit around the water block then the fish will eat the dead skin on the foot surface. The price is only 1 US dollar for 10 minutes massage. You can see a board with the words in English: "If my fish does not satisfy you, you do not need tp pay the money."

3. Nagaworld Casino

Cambodia also attracts tourists by the modern and luxury of the Nagaworld Casino - the largest casino of this country. Nagaworld has become a complex entertainment place with the area up to 1.2 square meters. The building consists of 13 floors divided into 4 areas with a large-scale casino complex, hundreds of luxury hotel rooms, high-class spa rooms and professional service restaurants, with a variety of Asian and European cuisine.

Casino Nagaworld open 24/24, both days and nights here are always busy like Taj Mahal Casino in Las Vegas. There are many electronic machines, table cards from easy to difficult to play always available for you to play every day. If you want to participate in Nagaworld Casino, you need to exchange your money into chip with the minimum is $20 to play in the ground floor and the minimum is $100 to be able to play in upper floors.

4. Traveling with Tuk Tuk

Tourist can find Tuk Tuk cars easily at every corner of Cambodia. Tuk Tuk is a tricycle with a cabin to carry people or goods and a popular transport in many Asian countries such as: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, India, etc. Tuk Tuk is known as a motor taxi, which can carry up to four passengers, easily moving on small roads or traffic jams. Tuk Tuk cars have a maximum speed of 30km/h, which suitable for transporting in short distance.

There are some tips that you should notice when taking a Tuk Tuk:

  • Please signal when you want to catch a Tuk Tuk car

  • Remember asking for the price and bargain before getting on Tuk Tuk if you do not want to pay too much money

  • Be careful with scam Tuk Tuk drivers: They will offer a very cheap prices but then take you to gem or tailors shops, where they will put you under the pressure to buy something to receive tip from store owner. Therefore, if the price is too high, it is not possible, but too low, you should reconsider it.

  • Say the name of the destinations that you want to go, not the name of the street because Tuk Tuk drivers are not remember the street names or the addresses very clearly, they find the name of famous destination is more familiar.

  • Should not catch Tuk Tuk car parking near popular attractions because the price is very expensive

  • Carefully with your luggage and personal belongings

5. Enjoy the famous Angkor beer

If you have a chance to travel to Cambodia, you will find Angkor beer sold in many restaurants, bars, especially in big city like: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or Pub Street. Enjoying seafood and drinking Angkor beer in Sihanoukville's beaches is also a very interesting night activity. Watching the bustling nightlife in big city while chatting with friends and drinking Angkor beer will be a great experience that only found in Cambodia.

The price of a bottle of beer is from $0.5 to $1. Due to the delicious and special taste, Angkor beer is also famous in the world. It has been exported to many other countries like Japan, America, Malaysia, Australia, etc. 

Nightlife in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is very vibrant and bustling, while Sihanoukville is less. Tourists come here to visit and entertain here, that have brought the excitement atmosphere and sparkling lights for this country at night for recent years.