While we have not found the origin of Corona virus, a lot of people believe the virus related to wild animals and a part of the world suggested people to stop eating any kind of wild animal. Snake is one of those. However, in Vietnam, we still eat snake and after lockdown, it seems the snake restaurants are getting busier.

Why we do?

According to the oriental medical advice, it is believed that Snake meat is a precious remedy. The snake meat has sweet taste, salty smell, and contains the “Yang” element. So, eating snake helps to balance Ying – Yang in one’s body. It is also effective in detoxifying neurological, releasing pain, curing diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism, numb limbs, seizures, boils, and other skin diseases. The most famous use is to increase men’s strength and virility as we believe it’s the ultimate aphrodisiac/Viagra.

With all above effective uses, you know why we eat snakes!

Where is the most famous place to eat snake in Vietnam?

All answers is Hanoi! There is a small village in Hanoi which is very famous for snake meat. Le Mat village is 5 km away from Hanoi Old quarter with at least 5 big restaurants to welcome snake eaters and they cater to both Vietnamese locals and foreigners.


How to order snake when you come to Le Mat village?

The first step to do is to select the type of snake you’d like to eat and it’s obvious that you need to check the snake before you buy it. They will take you to their basement to see the available live snakes to choose when you come there. 


Is the snake expensive in Vietnam?

The price depends on the type and size of the snake you select. The smaller snakes are cheaper and less expensive and the price goes up as the snake size increases. The average price ranges from $50 to $70 per kg and price is inclusive, not per person charge. The normal practice is to order about 1/2 kg of snake per person. That cost covers 10+ different delicious dishes that are prepared using all parts of the snake – including the bones and organs. You’ll also get all the rice wine and beer/bottle of water/soft drink included in the price.


How to eat snake?

A chef will kill the live snake in front of you and prepare 10+ delicious dishes for your meal.

  • Pumping heart will be served to bravo one
  • Snake blood and bile mixed with rice wine for cheering all table to starting the party
  • Snake meat soup
  • Grilled snake meat
  • Deep fried crispy snakeskin
  • Snake spring rolls
  • Snake meat wrapped in wild La Lot leaves
  • Sautéed snake meat
  • Fried snake bones with rice crackers
  • Sticky rice steamed with snake fat
  • Snake meat stew with herbs
  • Snake porridge


Do you know that snake meat is actually really tasty? Some dishes are definitely delicious. Vietnamese people will continue to eat snakes as we believe it’s very good for our health.