In Apricot Cruises, imagine the word where everything is included except drink and beverage, where luxury is simple and all wish will be cater by a team local specialist crew, from the welcoming atmosphere to the outstanding dining venue and luxurious cabin. Traditional architecture yet the modern of The Apricot Cruises bring you the cultural experience of the local Vietnamese during your trip. Upon arrival, the guest will be escort and guide to the ship by the cruise manager and team of crew on a traditional costume of Vietnam. The dining venue on board brings you the taste of local Vietnamese luxury’s cuisine. The cabins were designed by royal wooden furniture and hand made locally which symbolized as luxurious cruise.
Departs on Wednesdays from Ho Chi Minh or Can Tho, on Sundays from Phnom Penh. Cruise the waters of Southeast Asia’s mightiest river aboard the Victoria Mekong, a sleek 35-cabin ship traveling between Vietnam’s lush Mekong Delta and Cambodia’s enchanting capital city of Phnom Penh. Select from 3- or 4-night itineraries featuring distinctive shore excursions designed to showcase the region’s fascinating peoples and cultures. On board, watch the riverscapes glide on by from the beautifully-appointed Sundeck or from the privacy of your cabin’s own balcony.
Mien Tay boat is built with inspirations from the local traditional sampans that have navigated on the Mekong for hundreds of years. The boat is made of ‘’Sao’’ wood, a variety of oak well appreciated by people who spend all their life working and living on the river.   The cabins. Designed for a pleasant long cruise, the boat offers 1 well ventilated compartment which could be used as a dining room as well as bedroom with couchettes available for groups of 2 to 16 persons maximum. In addition, there is one kitchen, three restrooms with showers and terrace on deck for the very best view of Mekong River and the delta. Mien Tay Boat is perfect for a small group tour private charter in Mekong Delta.  
Welcome to Bassac Cruise, a friendly and professional wooden boat in Mekong River. We bring to you the three elegant cruises that sharing the same quality in three impressing different sizes. It is known as one of the most long-standing boat in the rural Mekong, Bassac always receipts customers' believe from we have begun up to now.
Newly outfitted in July 2019 in a modern design of oriental style, La Pandora Cruise is a SPECIAL GIFT in harmonious combination of iron and wood, making the safety and also brings a cozy, luxurious atmosphere. It spreads over 4 decks measuring 52 meter length and 11.5 meter width. The combination between the modern beauty and comfort  with 24 en-suite fully equipped and spacious balcony cabins, sky bars, elegant dining area, large sundecks and an elite, professional team of crew, dedicated to every detail of personal services will make your cruising with La Pandora a truly unique and unforgettable experience. La Pandora – Special gift from Heritage.
V’Spirit Premier Cruises is one of most luxury cruises in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. We offer the 2 day 1 night itineraries in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Joining V’Spirit Premier Cruises you will have the best experience for the Halong Bay Overnight Cruise and Lan Ha Bay Overnight Cruise. With friendly staffs and luxury cabins and facilities you will enjoy your holiday in Vietnam in the best way. V’Spirit Premier Cruises choose the best itinerary for you where is less touristic so you can enjoy the trip the most. Enjoy your Halong Bay Overnight with us - The Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.'
Lan Ha Bay Day Cruise with Escapes Sails is a good option for you to enjoy your holiday in Vietnam when you travel to Hanoi. Lan Ha Bay has been steadily growing in popularity since its introduction as an alternative route to the usual one taken through Halong Bay, but its peacefulness remains fully intact. The gently shimmering sea that carpets the bay is hugely inviting; so the Escape Sails ensures that your experience is not just limited to our luxury Halong Bay day cruise, but also spent in kayaks, on sampan boats and directly in the water. There is a strong essence of serenity that runs throughout the whole of Lan Ha Bay – let us share it with you. Below is our itinerary for your full day trip in Halong Bay with the Escape Sails.

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