Best time to visit Vietnam (Travel Guide & Tips 2020)

Best time to visit Vietnam (Travel Guide & Tips 2020)

Vietnam is blessed with cultural and natural attractions throughout the three regions which means each region and destination has its distinct ideal time for visiting. For first-time visitors to Vietnam, worry no longer! In this travel guide, we’ll show you in detail what to notice of weather in Vietnam, the best time to visit Vietnam, when and best places to visit Vietnam month to month in the most visualized and easiest way to follow. Are you ready?

Brief Guide on Vietnam Weather Characteristics

At a first glance, anyone knows that Vietnam is a long country, stretching vertically and is divided into three main distinct climate zones: North, Central and South.

In general, weather in Vietnam is deeply influenced by monsoon season which brings each region different weather characteristics, partly affected by the oceanic climate.

Therefore, even though Vietnam is located in tropical area and adjacent to the equator, the climate of Vietnam is still milder than that of a lot countries that are located on the same latitude thanks to a winter season in northern part.

Here are Vietnam weather highlights:

North Vietnam – North Central Vietnam: four seasons with winter lasts from December – February, temperature dropping and low humidity. Summer from June to August is hot, rainy and humid.

Central Vietnam: Tropical wet climate or a tropical monsoon and trade-wind littoral climate. Hot temperature almost all year round. Drier months last from November to April while in summer months the region suffers from storms and flooding.

South Vietnam: only dry and wet season while the temperature remains high all year round. Wet season lasts from November to April and wet season from May to October.

Peak Tourism Season in Vietnam

For foreign tourists, the peak season of tourism in Vietnam starts around December and goes all the way to the end of March of the next year. These months fall right in the dry season of North Vietnam and Central Vietnam while in South Vietnam, it’s just the perfect time of flooding season in Mekong Delta when life comes back to the vast plains and wet forests.

The summer months are the time Vietnam is less visited than other months due to the high temperature, more rains in North and North Central Vietnam. But these months are just perfect for a beach break, photo trip, cheaper prices, and less touristy landscape.

Best time to visit Vietnam

If you’re planning to visit several parts of Vietnam, then we should start the real work to find the best time to enjoy the most of your trip.

As you can see the table below the best months to travel all popular attractions in three regions in Vietnam are February, March, April and March is the best month since it’s one of the ideal month to visit all these destinations.