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Cambodia is a country of incredible history and culture, and is quickly rising a top destination for its beauty, historical monuments and testaments to a torrid history. Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, Cambodia is also a destination for travellers in search of magnificent remnants of ancient cultures. Between stunning stretches of scenery in Tonle Sap Lake and the Mekong Delta among otherhighlights of Cambodia, this Kingdom is a gem of Southeast Asia.  
This 12 days trip is a great way for you to discover the mystique and splendors of this marvelous country. We’ve combined the best sites, excursions and journeys, to offer an introduction to the country that is sure to leave a lasting memory and entice you to return.
This exciting program is most used by first time visitor to Myanmar and gives the traveler fascinating access into highlights of the country’s 4 major destinations – Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake and visits to the nearby ancient cities of Amarapura, Sagaing and Mingun. Recommend for first time travelers to Myanmar.
This journey is perfectly designed for families who want to be relax  and share with members of family. With mouth-watering cuisine, wonderful scenery and friendly locals, you will soon fall in love with Vietnam. The tour offers a lot of fun activities for families of all ages. You will have the unforgettable moments with your family. Ho Chi Minh City: Discover "The Pearl of the Orient" and vibrant nightlife Hanoi: Enjoy an incomparable combination of tradition, elegance, and progress. The northern metropolis possesses a unique  architecture of beautiful colonial villas and streets lined with old trees. Halong Bay: Cruising to the most picturesque bay of the country, one of the UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Sites. Hoi An: A lovely town of ancient bustling trading port between 15th and 19th century.  
Hanoi Cooking Class Half day Tour
Getting to know the food is also a great way of learning about the country. Vietnamese food is healthy, simple to cook, delicious, and forms a large part of the culture. This half day tour gives you a hands-on lesson on how to shop for fresh ingredients and cook authentic Vietnamese food. You will prepare dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs at your own work station and each workshop will conclude with tasting the food you have prepared, accompanied by local beer or wine, in our comfortable dining area. Especially, all guests will receive detailed recipe cards and a certificate at the end of the class.
Siem Reap is an area located in the northwest part of Cambodia. Once the seat of power for the great Khmer Empire, this location is home to the most ornate temples and as such is the most popular tourist site for those taking a tour of Cambodia. Angkor Wat temple, located in the northwestern portion of Cambodia, is the largest religious monument in the world. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, its history dates back to the end of the 12th century when its construction began under the reign of the Khmer Empire King Suryavarman II. Construction appears to have halted when Suryavarman died in 1150, leaving some portions of the complex unfinished. Angkor Wat is a classic example of Khmer Empire architecture, with a harmony of design and precisely planned proportions. Unlike other Khmer Empire temples, this one was constructed facing the west, which has caused some to theorize it was originally intended to be a funerary temple for Suryavarman. Originally dedicated to Vishnu as a Hindu temple, its use was gradually transformed into a Buddhist place of worship moving into the 14th century. Although slightly neglected towards the end of the 16th century, the temple was never overtaken by the jungle, largely due to the natural barrier created by the moat surrounding it. The Thai people were enthralled with it when they invaded to take over in 1431 and the French were also enamored with its splendor in the 19th century when they introduced it to the Western World. Henri Mouhot’s book in published in 1860 ‘Travels in Siam, Cambodia, Laos and Annam” is largely credited with causing the first big tourism boom to Angkor Wat. The French were part of the catalyst to inspire a major restoration project on the temple in the 20th century. The temple has been and still remains a powerful symbol of Cambodian national pride.
This 1-week itinerary will firstly introduce you to Hanoi - the 1000-year-old Vietnam's Capital. Proudly preserving Vietnamese Culture and History, Hanoi is most visited by travelers from all around the world. From ancient temples, colorful night market, romantic sunset on lakes, unique theaters, amazing buildings inspired by French Colonial architecture to delicious street food, Hanoi has so many things to offer you. This trip also introduces you to Hue and Hoi An - two cultural heritage sites in Vietnam. To discover Hue - the former capital of Vietnam, don't forget to visit the Imperial Citadel of Hue (aka Forbidden Purple City), Thien Mu Pagoda, Thai Hoa Palace, and embark on a dragon boat along the Perfume Pagoda while listening to the Royal Chamber Music. Then, get the taste of some traditional, cultural and historic touch as you visit this delightful town Hoi An in Vietnam. This amazing town boasts of grand architecture and mesmeric riverside setting which makes the place more appealing. the last few days, you will enjoy the water way of the Mekong River turned to Dragon in South Vietnam and understand the histories of Cu Chi tunnels...
This 11 Days Vietnam Impression Tour covers the essentials of Vietnam in one compact programme. The fascinating city of Saigon will leave a mark on your soul as you explore its many historic landmarks, enjoy sunset beach on Nha Trang. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Hoi An; this charming town offers wonderful architecture characterized by a harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese influences. Take a cyclo to the Imperial Citadel in Hue and enjoy a boat trip on the Perfume River. Discover Hanoi, a charming city renowned for its wide boulevards lined with trees and magnificent French villas. A tour to Vietnam would not be complete without a visit to beautiful Halong Bay, where you spend a relaxing day cruising its emerald waters. This tour will allow you to experience Vietnam’s history, culture and people, leaving you with many wonderful memories.